Ethiop, Ethiope (adj./n.) Old form(s): Æthiop , Æthiops
Ethiopian, African, person with a dark countenance
AYL IV.iii.36[Rosalind as Ganymede to Silvius, of Phebe's letter to Ganymede] Such Ethiop words, blacker in their effect / Than in their countenance
LLL IV.iii.116[Dumaine reading his verses to Katharine] Thou for whom Jove would swear / Juno but an Ethiop were
MA V.iv.38[Claudio to Leonato, of marrying Hero's supposed substitute] I'll hold my mind, were she an Ethiope
MND III.ii.257.1[Lysander to Hermia] Away, you Ethiope!
MW II.iii.24[Host to Caius] Is he dead, my Ethiopian?
Per II.ii.20[Thaisa to Simonides, of a knight] the device he bears upon his shield / Is a black Ethiop reaching at the sun
PP.16.16[] Jove would swear / Juno but an Ethiope were
RJ I.v.46[Romeo to Servingman, of Juliet] she hangs upon the cheek of night / As a rich jewel in an Ethiop's ear
TG[Proteus alone] Silvia ... / Shows Julia but a swarthy Ethiope