entertainment (n.) Old form(s): Encertainment
pleasant reception, favourable welcome
2H4 IV.v.174[Prince Henry to King Henry IV, of the crown] If any rebel or vain spirit of mine / Did with the least affection of a welcome / Give entertainment to the might of it
2H6 I.i.70[King to all] We thank you all for this great favour done / In entertainment to my princely Queen
Cor V.ii.61[Menenius to First Watch, of Coriolanus] Guess but my entertainment with him
Cym I.v.152[Iachimo to Posthumus] provided I have your commendation for my more free entertainment
Ham I.iii.64[Polonius to Laertes] But do not dull thy palm with entertainment / Of each new-hatched, unfledged courage
Ham II.ii.373[Hamlet to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern] lest my extent to the players ... should more appear like entertainment than yours
Oth III.iii.248[Iago to Othello, of Desdemona and Cassio] Note if your lady strain his entertainment / With any strong or vehement importunity [or: reinstatement]
Tim I.i.46[Poet to Painter, of his poem about Timon] Whom this beneath world doth embrace and hug / With amplest entertainment
Tim I.ii.178[Timon to Flavius, of the senators] let's be provided to show them entertainment
TS II.i.54[Petruchio to Baptista, of Hortensio as Licio] for an entrance to my entertainment / I do present you with a man of mine
WT I.i.8[Archidamus to Camillo, of Sicilia's proposed visit] Wherein our entertainment shall shame us
WT I.ii.111[Leontes to himself, of Hermione and Polixenes] This entertainment / May a free face put on