desert, desart (n.) Old form(s): desart
worth, merit, deserving
AW I.iii.195[Helena to Countess, of deserving Bertram] Yet never know how that desert should be
R3 III.vii.153[Richard to Buckingham, of becoming king] my desert / Unmeritable shuns your high request
Sonn.49.10[] do I ensconce me here / Within the knowledge of mine own desert
Sonn.66.2[] to behold desert a beggar born [i.e. those who are deserving]
Sonn.72.6[] devise some virtuous lie, / To do more for me than mine own desert
TC III.ii.91[Troilus to Cressida] We will not name desert before his birth, and, being born, his addition shall be humble
TG III.ii.18[Duke to Proteus] thou hast shown some sign of good desert
TG V.iv.160[Duke to Valentine, of the Outlaws] Dispose of them as thou knowest their deserts
Tim I.i.68[Poet to Painter, of Fortune's hill] The base o'th' mount / Is ranked with all deserts [i.e. people of every worth]
Tim III.v.80[Alcibiades to Senators, of his friend] if not for any parts in him ... yet, more to move you, / Take my deserts to his and join 'em both
Tit III.i.170[Marcus to Titus and Lucius, of using their hands as soldiers] none of both but are of high desert

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