duty (n.) Old form(s): dutie
reverence, due respect, proper attitude
2H6 I.iii.156[Gloucester to all] God in mercy so deal with my soul / As I in duty love my king and country!
2H6 III.i.17[Queen to King, of Gloucester] Disdaining duty that to us belongs
AW II.i.125[Helena to King] My duty ... shall pay me for my pains
AYL V.ii.91[Silvius to all, of the nature of love] It is ... / All adoration, duty and observance
H8 I.ii.61[Queen Katherine to King Henry] Tongues spit their duties out
Ham I.ii.40[Voltemand and Cornelius to Claudius] In that, and all things, will we show our duty
LLL IV.ii.141[Holofernes to Jaquenetta] I forgive thy duty
MND V.i.101[Theseus to Hippolyta] the modesty of fearful duty
R3 I.iii.250[Queen Margaret to all] you all should do me duty
TN III.i.92[Viola as Cesario to Olivia] My duty, madam, and most humble service!
TS induction.1.111[Lord to Servingman, of the Page behaving as a woman to Sly] Such duty to the drunkard let him do
TS induction.1.80[First Player to Lord, of staying the night] So please your lordship to accept our duty