divers (adj.) Old form(s): diuers
different, various, several
1H4 I.iii.258[Worcester to Hotspur] for divers reasons
1H6 IV.i.25[Talbot to all] Myself and divers gentlemen beside / Were there surprised
2H4 III.i.53[King Henry IV to Warwick and Surrey] how chance's mocks / And changes fill the cup of alteration / With divers liquors!
AC II.ii.208[Enobarbus to Agrippa and Maecenas] pretty dimpled boys .. / With divers-coloured fans
AW I.ii.1.2[stage direction] Enter the King of France with letters, and divers attendants
AW II.i.1.1[stage direction] Enter the King with divers young Lords
AYL III.ii.299[Rosalind as Ganymede to Orlando] Time travels in divers paces with divers persons
H5 I.ii.184[Canterbury to all] therefore doth heaven divide / The state of man in divers functions
H8 I.iv.1.3[stage direction] enter Anne Bullen and divers other ladies and gentlemen as guests
H8 II.i.17[First Gentleman to Second Gentleman, of the King's attorney] Urged on the examinations, proofs, confessions, / Of divers witnesses
H8 V.iii.18[Lord Chancellor to all] new opinions, / Divers and dangerous [F]
JC IV.i.20[Antony to Octavius, of Lepidus] we lay these honours on this man, / To ease ourselves of divers slanderous loads
KJ III.iv.7[King Philip to Cardinal Pandulph, of the conflict with England] Divers dear friends slain
Mac I.vii.1.1stage direction] Enter a Sewer and divers Servants
MV III.i.103[Tubal to Shylock] There came divers of Antonio's creditors in my company to Venice
MW I.i.212[Evans to Slender] divers philosophers hold that the lips is parcel of the mouth
R3 I.ii.217[Richard to Anne] For divers unknown reasons ... / Grant me this boon
R3 V.v.1.4[stage direction] Enter Richmond ... with divers other lords
RJ II.iii.7[Friar alone, of the earth] from her womb children of divers kind / We sucking on her natural bosom find
Tem IV.i.255.1[stage direction] Enter divers Spirits
TN I.v.234[Olivia to Viola as Cesario] I will give out divers schedules of my beauty
WT V.i.201.1[Lord to Leontes, of the rustics] Bohemia ... threatens them / With divers deaths in death

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