antic, antick(e), antique (adj.)
ancient, olden, former
AYL II.iii.57[Orlando to Adam] The constant service of the antique world [also: sense 1]
Cor II.iii.118[Coriolanus alone] The dust on antique time would lie unswept
E3 IV.iv.27[Audley to Prince Edward, of Philip] the pendants, [seem to be] leaves; / And their device of antique heraldry [i.e. made venerable through antiquity]
H5 V.chorus.26[Chorus] The Mayor and all his brethren in best sort, / Like to the senators of th'antique Rome
KJ IV.ii.21[Salisbury to King John] the antique and well noted face / Of plain old form is much disfigured
Sonn.106.7[of older writers] I see their antique pen would have expressed / Even such a beauty as you master now
Sonn.59.7[] Show me your image in some antique book, / Since mind at first in character was done
Sonn.68.9[of his friend] In him those holy antique hours are seen