attend (v.)
serve, follow, wait [on/upon]
1H6 I.i.1.2[stage direction] Enter the funeral of King Henry the Fifth, attended on by the Duke of Bedford
1H6 I.i.19[Exeter to all] Upon a wooden coffin we attend
1H6 II.ii.52[Talbot to Messenger, of the Countess] in submission [I] will attend on her
1H6 V.i.55[Legate to Winchester] I will attend upon your lordship's leisure
2H4 V.ii.43.1[stage direction] Enter King Henry V, attended by Blunt and others
2H6 IV.viii.5[stage direction] Enter Buckingham and old Clifford, attended
2H6 V.i.80[King to Iden] We ... will that thou henceforth attend on us
3H6 IV.i.7.1[stage direction] Flourish. Enter Edward, attended
AC V.ii.206[Dolabella to Cleopatra] I must attend on Caesar
AYL I.ii.155[Orlando to Le Beau, of the princesses] I attend them with all respect and duty
AYL III.iv.29[Celia as Aliena to Rosalind as Ganymede, of Orlando] He attends here in the forest on the Duke your father
AYL IV.i.166[Orlando to Rosalind as Ganymede] I must attend the Duke at dinner
CE I.i.58[Egeon to Duke, of the Dromio twins] Those ... / I bought, and brought up to attend my sons
CE II.i.25[Luciana to Adriana, of men] let your will attend on their accords
CE V.i.98[Adriana to Abbess] I will attend my husband, be his nurse
Cor I.i.235[First Senator to Martius] Attend upon Cominius to these wars
Cym I.iii.37[First Lord to Cloten] I'll attend your lordship
Cym I.iv.40.1[Innogen to Pisanio] I will attend the queen
Cym V.iv.38[Sicilius, to music, of Posthumus] I died whilst in the womb he stayed, / attending Nature's law
E3 I.i.55[stage direction] Re-enter Lords, with Lorraine, attended
E3 IV.iii.54[Villiers to Charles] I will attend your highness' pleasure
H5 II.ii.24[King Henry to all] [we] leave not one behind that doth not wish / Success and conquest to attend on us
H5 IV.i.29.1[Erpingham to King Henry] Shall I attend your grace?
H8 I.i.75[Buckingham to Abergavenny, of Wolsey] Why ... took he upon him - / Without the privity o'th'King - t'appoint / Who should attend on him?
H8 III.ii.82.1[Cromwell to Wolsey, of King Henry] You he bade / Attend him here this morning
Ham II.ii.269[Hamlet to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern] I am most dreadfully attended
KJ III.iii.72[King John to Arthur] Hubert shall be your man, attend on you / With all true duty
KJ IV.ii.208[King John to Hubert] It is the curse of kings to be attended / By slaves that take their humours for a warrant
KJ IV.iii.25[Salisbury to Bastard, of King John] We will not ... attend the foot / That leaves the print of blood where'er it walks
KL I.i.33[Lear to Gloucester] Attend the lords of France and Burgundy
KL IV.iii.51[disguised Kent to Gentleman] I'll bring you to our master Lear / And leave you to attend him
KL V.i.33[Edmund to Albany] I shall attend you presently at your tent
MA V.iv.36[Leonato to Claudio] We here attend you
Mac III.ii.3[Lady Macbeth to Servant] Say to the King I would attend his leisure / For a few words
MM II.ii.160.1[Isabella to Angelo] At what hour tomorrow / Shall I attend your lordship?
MM IV.i.56[Mariana to disguised Duke] I shall attend your leisure, but make haste
MND III.i.148[Titania to Bottom] I'll give thee fairies to attend on thee
MV I.i.68[Salerio to Bassanio] We'll make our leisures to attend on yours
MW[Fenton to Host] at the deanery, where a priest attends
Oth II.iii.244.1[stage direction] Enter Desdemona, attended
Oth III.i.24[Cassio to Clown] If the gentlewoman that attends the General's wife be stirring
Oth III.iv.196[Cassio to Bianca] 'Tis but a little way that I can bring you, / For I attend here
Per I.i.151.1[Antiochus alone] Who attends us there?
Per III.iv.16[Cerimon to Thaisa, of Diana's temple] a niece of mine / Shall there attend you [or: sense 4, 8]
Per IV.iv.11[Gower alone] Pericles / Is now again thwarting the wayward seas, / Attended on by many a lord and knight
R2 I.iii.169[Mowbray to King Richard] dull unfeeling barren ignorance / Is made my gaoler to attend on me
R3 I.ii.1.2[stage direction] Lady Anne ... attended by Tressel and Berkeley
R3 I.iii.293[Queen Margaret to Buckingham, of Richard] Sin, death, and hell have set their marks on him, / And all their ministers attend on him
R3 III.vii.243[Buckingham to Richard] Tomorrow then we will attend your grace
R3 V.iii.80.3[stage direction] Enter Earl of Derby to Richmond in his tent, lords and others attending
Sonn.44.12[] I must attend time's leisure with my moan [also: sense 1]
Sonn.66.12[] captive good attending captain ill
Sonn.7.8[of the sun] mortal looks adore his beauty still, / Attending on his golden pilgrimage
Tem I.ii.423[Ferdinand to and of Miranda] the goddess / On whom these airs attend!
Tem IV.i.88[Ceres to Iris] Tell me ... / If Venus or her son, as thou dost know, / Do now attend the queen?
TG I.iii.27[Panthino to Antonio] Valentine, / Attends the Emperor in his royal court
TG II.iv.119[Proteus to Silvia, of himself and Valentine] We'll both attend upon your ladyship
Tim I.i.118[Timon to Old Athenian, of Lucilius] Attends he here, or no?
Tim I.ii.1.2[stage direction] A great banquet served in; Flavius and others attending
Tim[stage direction] Music. Servants attending
Tit II.ii.8[Titus to his sons, of Saturninus] let it be your charge ... / To attend the Emperor's person carefully [or: sense 4]
Tit V.ii.105[Titus to disguised Tamora] in the Emperor's court / There is a queen attended by a Moor
TN I.iv.36[Orsino to all, of Viola as Cesario] Some four or five attend him
TN I.v.98[Maria to Olivia, of Viola as Cesario] 'Tis a fair young man, and well attended
TS III.ii.222[Petruchio to Katherina's maids] Obey the bride, you that attend on her
TS induction.1.53[Lord to Servants, of Sly] Let one attend him with a silver basin
TS induction.2.32[Lord to Sly] Look how thy servants do attend on thee
Ven.1136[] Sorrow on love hereafter shall attend