aye (adv.) Old form(s): aie, ay
always, ever, for eternity
Cym IV.iv.27[Belarius to Arviragus and Guiderius] The certainty of this hard life, aye hopeless / To have the courtesy your cradle promised
Ham III.ii.210[First Player as King to his Queen] This world is not for aye
KL V.iii.233[Kent to Albany] I am come / To bid my King and master aye good night
Mac IV.i.133[Macbeth alone] Let this pernicious hour / Stand aye accursed in the calendar
MND I.i.71[Theseus to Hermia] Whether ... / You can endure the livery of a nun, / For aye to be in shady cloister mewed
MND I.i.90[Theseus to Hermia] on Diana's altar to protest / For aye austerity and single life
MND III.ii.387[Puck to Oberon, of spirits] They wilfully themselves exile from light, / And must for aye consort with black-browed night
Per epilogue.V.iii.10[Gower] In reverend Cerimon there well appears / The worth that learned charity aye wears
R2 V.ii.40[York to Duchess of York] To Bolingbroke are we sworn subjects now, / Whose state and honour I for aye allow
RJ III.v.43[Juliet to Romeo] Art thou gone so, love-lord, aye husband-friend?
Sonn.108.12[] eternal love ... makes antiquity for aye his page
TC III.ii.158[Troilus to Cressida] O that I thought it could be in a woman ... / To feed for aye her lamp and flames of love
TC V.x.16[Troilus to all] Let him that will a screech-owl aye be called / Go into Troy
TC V.x.34[Troilus to Pandarus] Ignomy and shame / Pursue thy life, and live aye with thy name!
Tem II.i.290[Antonio to Sebastian, of killing Gonzalo] you, doing thus, / To the perpetual wink for aye might put / This ancient morsel
Tem IV.i.219[Caliban to Stephano] I ... / For aye thy foot-licker
Tim V.i.50[Timon to himself, as if to Painter and Poet] To thee be worship; and thy saints for aye / Be crowned with plagues
Tim V.iv.78[Alcibiades to all, as if to dead Timon] rich conceit / Taught thee to make vast Neptune weep for aye / On thy low grave
TNK I.i.195[Hippolyta to Theseus, of her prayers] Either presuming them to have some force / Or sentencing for aye their vigour dumb