deny (v.) Old form(s): denie, deny'de , denyest
refuse, decline, scorn
KJ IV.i.118[Arthur to Hubert] All things that you should use to do me wrong / Deny their office
KL II.iv.84[Lear to Gloucester, of Regan and Cornwall] Deny to speak with me?
LLL V.ii.228[masked King to masked Rosaline] If you deny to dance, let's hold more chat
R3 V.iii.344[Messenger to King Richard, of Derby] he doth deny to come
RJ I.v.20[Capulet to Ladies] which of you all / Will now deny to dance?
Tim III.ii.23[Lucius to Strangers, of Timon] I should ne'er have denied his occasion so many talents
Tim III.v.95[Alcibiades to Senators] To sue and be denied such common grace
Tim IV.iii.533[Timon to Flavius] Give to dogs / What thou deniest to men
TN IV.i.57[Olivia to Sebastian] Thou shalt not choose but go; / Do not deny
TS II.i.179[Petruchio alone, of wooing Katherina] If she deny to wed, I'll crave the day / When I shall ask the bans
TS V.ii.102[Petruchio to Katherina, of Bianca and Widow] If they deny to come, / Swinge me them soundly forth

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