dispraise (v.) Old form(s): disprays'd , disprayse
disparage, belittle, denigrate
1H4 V.ii.59[Vernon to Hotspur, of Prince Hal] Making you ever better than his praise / By still dispraising praise valued with you [i.e. praise itself could not be compared with you]
2H4 II.iv.309[Prince Henry to Falstaff] To dispraise me, and call me pantler, and bread-chipper
2H4 II.iv.314[Falstaff to Poins, of Prince Harry and Doll] I dispraised him before the wicked
H5 V.ii.198[King Henry to Katherine, of her maid] you will to her dispraise those parts in me that you love
RJ III.v.238[Juliet alone] Is it more sin to wish me thus forsworn, / Or to dispraise my lord
Sonn.95.7[] That tongue ... / Cannot dispraise, but in a kind of praise .. blesses an ill report
TG III.ii.55[Thurio to Proteus] by praising me as much / As you in worth dispraise Sir Valentine