adventure (v.) Old form(s): aduentur'd, aduenture, aduenturing
venture, dare, chance, risk
1H4 I.ii.169[Poins to Prince Hal, of their companions] then will they adventure upon the exploit themselves
2H6 III.ii.350[Queen to Suffolk] I will repeal thee, or... / Adventure to be banished myself
Cym I.vii.172[Iachimo to Innogen, of Posthumus] Be not angry ... that I have adventured / To try your taking of a false report
Cym III.iv.155.1[Innogen to Pisanio, of getting near to Posthumus] O, for such means ... / I would adventure!
MV I.i.143[Bassanio to Antonio, of shooting one arrow after another] by adventuring both / I oft found both
R3 I.iii.115[Richard to Queen Elizabeth] I dare adventure to be sent to the Tower
RJ II.ii.84[Romeo to and of Juliet] I should adventure for such merchandise
RJ V.iii.11[Page to himself, scared of being alone in a churchyard] Yet I will adventure
Tem II.i.190[Gonzalo to Antonio] I will not adventure my discretion so weakly
TG III.i.120[Valentine to Duke, of scaling a high tower] bold Leander would adventure it
WT I.ii.38[Hermione to Polixenes] of your royal presence I'll adventure / The borrow of a week
WT II.iii.161[Leontes to Antigonus, of the baby] what will you adventure / To save this brat's life?
WT IV.iv.456[Shepherd to Perdita, of Florizel] O cursed wretch, / That knew'st this was the Prince and wouldst adventure / To mingle faith with him!