decay (n.)
destruction, downfall, ending
2H6 III.i.194[Gloucester to King] thy decay I fear
Cor III.i.78[Coriolanus to First Senator] so shall my lungs / Coin words till their decay
KJ I.i.28[King John to Chatillon] Be thou the ... sullen presage of your own decay
KJ IV.iii.154[Bastard to Hubert] vast confusion waits ... / The imminent decay of wrested pomp
Luc.808[Lucrece to herself] The light will show charactered in my brow / The story of sweet chastity's decay
MW V.v.143[Falstaff to all] This is enough to be the decay of lust and late-walking through the realm
PP.14.4[Pilgrim, of his love] She ... daffed me to a cabin hanged with care, / To descant on the doubts of my decay
R3 IV.iv.409[King Richard to Queen Elizabeth, of her daughter] Without her, follows ... / Death, desolation, ruin, and decay
Sonn.80.14[] The worst was this: my love was my decay