deny (v.) Old form(s): Denie
disown, disavow, renounce
1H6 V.iv.14[Warwick to Pucelle] wilt thou deny thy parentage?
1H6 V.iv.20[Shepherd to Pucelle] Deny me not
1H6 V.iv.32[Shepherd to Pucelle] Dost thou deny thy father, cursed drab?
CE III.i.9[Antipholus of Ephesus to Angelo, of Dromio of Ephesus] here's a villain that would face me down ... I did deny my wife and house
LLL IV.iii.117[Dumaine reading his verses to Katharine, of Jove] And deny himself for Jove, / Turning mortal for thy love [i.e. Jove would put aside his deity]
RJ II.ii.34[Juliet to herself, as if to Romeo] Deny thy father and refuse thy name
TC IV.ii.49[Aeneas to Pandarus, of Troilus] do not deny him
TN III.iv.378[Sir Toby to Sir Andrew and Fabian, of Viola as Cesario] His dishonesty appears in leaving his friend here in necessity and denying him