dower (n.) Old form(s): dowre, Dowres
dowry, property or wealth given with a wife
1H6 V.i.44[Gloucester to Armagnac ambassador, of the French princess] the value of her dower
1H6 V.v.46[Exeter to all, of Alen??on] his wealth doth warrant a liberal dower ... [Suffolk] A dower, my lords?
3H6 III.ii.72[Lady Grey to Edward] mine honesty shall be my dower
AW II.iii.143[King to Bertram, of Helena] Virtue and she / Is her own dower
AW IV.iv.19[Helena to Widow] Doubt not but heaven / Hath brought me up to be your daughter's dower
AW V.iii.325[King to Diana] I'll pay thy dower
KL I.i.108[Lear to Cordelia] Thy truth then be thy dower
KL I.i.128[Lear to Cornwall and Albany, of the parts of the country] With my two daughters' dowers digest the third
KL I.i.192[Lear to Burgundy, of Cordeila] what in the least / Will you require in present dower with her
KL I.i.44[Lear to Cornwall and Albany] We have this hour a constant will to publish / Our daughters' several dowers
MM I.ii.149[Claudio to Lucio] Only for propagation of a dower
Tem III.i.54[Miranda to Ferdinand] by my modesty, / The jewel in my dower
TG III.i.78[Duke to Valentine, of Silvia] let her beauty be her wedding-dower
TS II.i.382[Baptista to Tranio as Lucentio, of Vincentio and Bianca] If you should die before him, where's her dower?
TS IV.ii.118[Tranio as Lucentio to Pedant, of waiting for Vincentio] To pass assurance of a dower in marriage
TS IV.iv.45[Baptista to Pedant as Vincentio] if you ... pass my daughter a sufficient dower