desert, desart (n.)
worthy deed, meritorious action
1H6 III.iv.25[King to Talbot] for these good deserts / We here create you Earl of Shrewsbury
2H6 I.iv.45[York to Duchess, of Gloucester] My Lord Protector will ... / See you well guerdoned for these good deserts
3H6 III.iii.132[Bona to Warwick] When I have heard your king's desert recounted
KL II.iv.134[Regan to Lear, of Gonerill] You less know how to value her desert / Than she to scant her duty
R2 II.iii.44[Percy to Bolingbroke] I tender you my service ... / Which elder days shall ripen and confirm / To more approved service and desert
TC III.iii.172[Ulysses to Achilles] High birth, vigour of bone, desert in service ... are subjects all / To envious and calumniating time
Tit I.i.24[Marcus to Saturninus and Bassianus, of proposing Titus as emperor] For many good and great deserts to Rome
TN III.iv.339[Antonio to Viola as Cesario] Is't possible that my deserts to you / Can lack persuasion?