diadem (n.) Old form(s): Diademe
crown, sovereign power
1H6 II.v.89[Mortimer to Richard] Thy father ... / Levied an army, weening to redeem / And have installed me in the diadem
2H6 I.i.244[York alone] Nor shall proud Lancaster ... wear the diadem upon his head
2H6 I.ii.40[Duchess to Gloucester] Henry and Dame Margaret ... on my head did set the diadem
2H6 I.ii.7[Duchess to Gloucester] King Henry's diadem
2H6 IV.i.82[Lieutenant to Suffolk, of the Queen] Having neither subject, wealth, nor diadem
3H6 I.iv.104[Queen to York, of the King] will you ... rob his temples of the diadem
3H6 II.i.152[Warwick to Richard] this strong right hand of mine / Can pluck the diadem from faint Henry's head
3H6 II.ii.82[Edward to King] set thy diadem upon my head
3H6 IV.vii.66[Edward to all] Henry but usurps the diadem
Tit I.i.6[Saturninus to his followers, of his father] the last / That wore the imperial diadem of Rome

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