despite (n.) Old form(s): despight, dispight
contempt, scorn, disdain
1H6 IV.vii.22[Talbot as if to Death] Two Talbots, winged through the lither sky, / In thy despite shall 'scape mortality [i.e. in spite of you]
3H6 II.i.59[Messenger to Richard and Edward] Clifford and the Queen ... crowned the gracious Duke in high despite
3H6[Richard to all, of dead Clifford] I in all despite might rail at him
Cor III.i.163.2[Coriolanus to Sicinius] despite o'erwhelm thee!
Cor III.iii.139[Sicinius to Plebeians, of Coriolanus] follow him ... with all despite
Cym I.vii.135[Iachimo to Innogen, of Posthumus] Whiles he is vaulting variable ramps, / In your despite, upon your purse
E3 III.iii.98[Prince Edward to King John] Look not for ... railing execrations of despite
E3 III.iv.97[Prince Edward to King Edward] in despite, I carved my passage forth
H5 III.v.17[Constable to all, of the English] On whom, as in despite, the sun looks pale
MA I.i.217[Don Pedro to Benedick] Thou wast ever an obstinate heretic in the despite of beauty
Oth IV.ii.115[Emilia to Iago, of Othello and Desdemona] my lord hath .. / Thrown such despite and heavy terms upon her