dispatch, despatch (v.) Old form(s): dispatch'd, dispatcht
kill, put to death, make away with, finish off
2H6 III.ii.2[First Murderer to Second Murderer, of Suffolk] We have dispatched the Duke as he commanded
3H6 V.v.69[Queen to Edward] dispatch me here
AC IV.xiv.104.1[Antony to the guard] O, dispatch me!
AC V.ii.305[Cleopatra to the asp] Be angry, and dispatch
AC V.ii.321[Charmian to the asp] O, come apace, dispatch
Cor III.i.284[Sicinius to Menenius, of Coriolanus] we are peremptory to dispatch / This viperous traitor
Cym III.iv.97[Innogen to Pisanio] Prithee, dispatch
E3 II.ii.174[Countess to King Edward] with this other [knife] I'll dispatch my love
KJ IV.i.27[Hubert to himself, of Arthur] I will be sudden, and dispatch
Mac III.iv.15.1[Macbeth to First Murderer, of Banquo] Is he dispatched?
Per IV.i.92[Leonine to Marina] I ... will dispatch
R2 III.i.35[Bolingbroke to Northumberland, of Bushy and Green] see them dispatched
R3 I.ii.181[Richard to Anne] Nay now, dispatch
RJ V.i.79[Apothecary to Romeo, of a poison] if you had the strength / Of twenty men it would dispatch you straight
Tit IV.ii.85[Demetrius to Nurse, of the baby] my sword shall soon dispatch it