discipline (n.)
military strategy, tactics, training in the art of war
1H6 IV.ii.44[Talbot to all] O, negligent and heedless discipline!
E3 II.i.188[King Edward to Lodowick] these squadrons / Argue in thee defective discipline
H5 III.ii.125[Fluellen to Macmorris] being as good a man as yourself ... in the disciplines of war
H5 III.ii.58[Fluellen to Gower] the mines is not according to the disciplines of the war
H5 III.ii.70[Fluellen to Gower, of Macmorris] He has no more directions in the true disciplines of the wars ... of the Roman disciplines, than is a puppy-dog
H5 III.ii.97[Fluellen to Macmorris] touching the direction of the military discipline
KJ II.i.261[King Philip to Hubert, of the English army] these English and their discipline
KJ II.i.39[King Philip to all] Call for our chiefest men of discipline
KJ II.i.413[Bastard to himself] O prudent discipline!
R3 III.vii.16[Buckingham to Richard] [I] Laid open ... / Your discipline in war
R3 V.iii.17[King Richard to all] Let's lack no discipline