discover (v.) Old form(s): discouer , discouerd, discouer'd, discouered, discouers , discoverd
reveal, show, make known
1H6 II.v.59[Richard to Mortimer, of the reason for Mortimer's imprisonment] Discover more at large what cause that was
1H6 V.iv.60[Pucelle to all, as if to herself] discover thine infirmity
AW IV.i.71[Parolles to First Soldier] I'll discover that which shall undo the Florentine
CE V.i.203[Duke to Antipholus of Ephesus, ] Discover how, and thou shalt find me just
Cor II.ii.19[First Officer to Second Officer, of Coriolanus and the people] he ... leaves nothing undone that may fully discover him their opposite
Cym I.vii.98[Innogen to Iachimo] discover to me / What both you spur and stop [i.e. spur on and hold back]
Cym III.v.96[Cloten to Pisanio] Discover where thy mistress is, at once
Cym V.v.277[Pisanio to Cymbeline, of Innogen] If I discovered not which way she was gone
E3 I.i.31[Artois to King Edward, of the French royal pedigree] I, a Frenchman, should discover this
E3 II.ii.206[King Edward to all] This night will scarce suffice me to discover / My folly's siege
H5 II.ii.151[Scroop to all] Our purposes God justly hath discovered
H8 V.iii.72[Gardiner to Cranmer] Your painted gloss discovers, / To men that understand you, words and weakness
JC I.ii.69[Cassius to Brutus] I, your glass, / Will modestly discover to yourself / That of yourself which you yet know not of
MA I.ii.10[Antonio to Leonato] the Prince discovered to Claudio that he loved my niece your daughter
MA II.ii.36[Borachio to Don John, of the supposed love of Hero for Borachio] intend a kind of zeal both to the Prince and Claudio ... that you have discovered thus.
MA II.iii.108[Leonato to Don Pedro, of Beatrice] never counterfeit of passion came so near the life of passion as she discovers it
MA II.iii.156[Don Pedro to Leonato, of Beatrice's love] she will not discover it
MA III.ii.83[Claudio to Don John] If there be any impediment, I pray you discover it
MM II.i.177[Escalus to Elbow, of Pompey] he hath some offences in him that thou wouldst discover
MM III.i.195[Isabella to disguised Duke, of Angelo] I will ... discover his government
MM V.i.353.1[stage direction] [Lucio] pulls off the friar's hood, and discovers the Duke
MV II.vii.1[Portia to Servants] draw aside the curtains and discover / The several caskets to this noble Prince
MW II.ii.177[Ford as Brook to Falstaff] I shall discover a thing to you
Per Chorus.V.24[Gower to audience] Where what is done in action, more if might, / Shall be discovered
R3 IV.iv.241[Queen Elizabeth to King Richard] What good is covered with the face of heaven, / To be discovered, that can do me good?
RJ II.ii.106[Juliet to Romeo] not impute this yielding to light love, / Which the dark night hath so discovered
RJ III.i.142[Benvolio to Prince] I can discover all / The unlucky manage of this fatal brawl
TC I.iii.138[Nestor to all] Most wisely hath Ulysses here discovered / The fever whereof all our power is sick
Tem V.i.172.0[stage direction] Here Prospero discovers Ferdinand and Miranda
Tem V.i.172.0[stage direction] Here Prospero discovers Ferdinand and Miranda
TG II.i.158[Speed to Valentine, of Silvia] fearing else some messenger, that might her mind discover
TG III.i.4[Proteus to Duke] that which I would discover / The law of friendship bids me to conceal
TG III.ii.77[Proteus to Thurio, of displaying his feelings in poetry] frame some feeling line / That may discover such integrity
TG V.iv.172[Valentine to Proteus and Julia] 'tis your penance but to hear / The story of your loves discovered
Tit IV.i.73[Marcus to Lavinia] Write thou, good niece, and here display at last / What God will have discovered for revenge
Tit V.i.85[Aaron to Lucius] save my boy ... / Or else I will discover naught to thee
TN II.v.154[Malvolio to himself, of what he has read in the letter] Daylight and champain discovers not more!
TNK IV.i.19[Second Friend to Gaoler] Palamon has ... discovered how / And by whose means he escaped
WT II.i.50[Leontes to Lord, of Camillo] He has discovered my design, and I / remain a pinched thing
WT III.i.20[Dion to Cleomenes] When the oracle ... / Shall the contents discover
WT IV.iv.715[Autolycus to Clown and Shepherd] anything that is fitting to be known, discover