deny (v.) Old form(s): denide, denie , deny'de
refuse, rebuff, reject
1H6 V.iii.75[Suffolk to himself, of Margaret] How canst thou tell she will deny thy suit
Cym V.v.90[Lucius to Cymbeline] my request, which I'll make bold your highness / Cannot deny
MV III.iii.26[Antonio to Solanio] The Duke cannot deny the course of law
R2 II.i.204[York to King Richard, of Bolingbroke] If you ... deny his offered homage
R2 V.iii.102[Duchess of York to King Henry, of York] He prays but faintly, and would be denied
RJ I.i.157[Benvolio to Montague, of Romeo] I'll know his grievance, or be much denied
Tim III.ii.63[Lucius to Strangers] he that's once denied will hardly speed
Tim III.ii.76[First Stranger to Second and Third Strangers, of Lucius and Timon] He does deny him ... / What charitable men afford to beggars
Tim III.iii.7[Servant to Sempronius, of other lords and Timon] they have all denied him
TNK[Hippolyta to Emilia] Speak not to be denied