difference (n.)
quarrel, disagreement, dispute
2H4 IV.i.179[Westmorland to all, of their quarrel] to the place of difference call the swords / Which must decide it [i.e. the battlefield]
Cor V.iii.202[Aufidius to himself, of Coriolanus] I am glad thou hast set thy mercy and thy honour / At difference in thee
Cor V.vi.18[Third Conspirator to Aufidius, of Aufidius and Coriolanus] The people will remain uncertain whilst / 'Twixt you there's difference
H8 I.i.101[Norfolk to Buckingham, of Wolsey] The state takes notice of the private difference / Betwixt you and the Cardinal
JC I.ii.40[Brutus to Cassius] Vexed I am / Of late with passions of some difference [i.e. with conflicting emotions]
KJ II.i.355[Bastard to King John and King Philip, of death] now he feasts, mousing the flesh of men, / In undetermined differences of kings
KJ III.i.238[King Philip to Cardinal Pandulph, of French and English hands] where revenge did paint / The fearful difference of incensed kings
KL II.ii.48[Cornwall to Oswald and disguised Kent] What is your difference?
MV IV.i.168[Duke to Portia as Balthasar] Are you acquainted with the difference / That holds this present question in the court?
TNK III.vi.116[Arcite to Palamon, of what the world will say] we had a noble difference, / But base disposers of it
TNK III.vi.278[Theseus to Emilia] if you can love, end this difference