deal (v.) Old form(s): deale
proceed, behave, conduct oneself
1H4 II.iv.164[Falstaff to Prince Hal, of the 'fight' ] I never dealt better since I was a man
2H6 IV.ix.46[Buckingham to King] I ... doubt not so to deal / As all things shall redound unto your good
AC III.xi.39[Antony to Eros, of Octavius] He alone / Dealt on lieutenantry
KJ V.ii.22[Salisbury to Lewis the Dauphin] for the health and physic of our right, / We cannot deal but with the very hand / Of stern injustice and confused wrong
MA V.i.101[Antonio to Leonato] Do not you meddle, let me deal in this
R3 IV.iv.292[King Richard to Queen Elizabeth] Men shall deal unadvisedly sometimes
Tem V.i.271[Prospero to Lords, of Sycorax] could control the moon ... / And deal in her command without her power [also: sense 3]
TNK II.i.259.1[Palamon to Arcite] I deal but truly