draw (v.) Old form(s): drawne
bring together, draw in, gather
1H4 III.i.85[Mortimer to Glendower] Within that space you may have drawn together / Your tenants, friends, and neighbouring gentlemen
1H4 IV.i.126[Vernon to Hotspur, of Glendower] He cannot draw his power this fourteen days
1H4 IV.i.33[Hotspur to Worcester, of Northumberland] He writes me ... that his friends by deputation could not / So soon be drawn
Cor II.iii.252[Brutus to Citizens] when you have drawn your number, / Repair to th'Capitol [i.e. collected your supporters]
Ham IV.v.144[Claudius to Laertes] you will draw both friend and foe
JC I.iii.22[Casca to Cicero] there were drawn / Upon a heap a hundred ghastly women
KJ IV.ii.118[King John to Messenger, of Queen Eleanor] Where is my mother's care, / That such an army could be drawn in France / And she not hear of it?
KJ V.ii.113[Lewis the Dauphin to Cardinal Pandulph] Before I drew this gallant head of war
MM III.ii.263[disguised Duke alone] To draw with idle spiders' strings / Most ponderous and substantial things! [unclear meaning; also found as 'to-draw']
TC II.iii.72[Thersites to Patroclus] a good quarrel to draw emulous factions and bleed to death upon