dispatch, despatch (v.) Old form(s): dispach , dispatch'd , dispatcht
deal with promptly, settle, get [something] done quickly
1H6 I.i.72[First Messenger to Exeter] whilst a field should be dispatched and fought, / You are disputing
2H6 III.ii.6[Suffolk to Murderers, of Gloucester's murder] have you dispatched this thing?
AC II.ii.170[Antony to Caesar] dispatch we / The business we have talked of
AC III.ii.2[Enobarbus to Agrippa, of Antony and Caesar] They have dispatched with Pompey
AC IV.v.17[Antony to Eros] Dispatch
AC V.ii.230[Cleopatra to Charmian] we'll dispatch indeed
AW IV.iii.84[Bertram to First Lord] I have tonight dispatched sixteen businesses
AYL I.iii.39[Duke Frederick to Rosalind] dispatch you with your safest haste
AYL III.iii.60[Touchstone to Sir Oliver Martext, of his wedding to Audrey] Will you dispatch us here under this tree
Cor V.vi.8[Aufidius to Attendants] Dispatch
Cym I.iv.39[Innogen to Lady] Those things I bid you do, get them dispatched
E3 IV.iii.52[Villiers to Charles] I must dispatch
E3 IV.v.54[King John to Philip, of the French] at once dispatch / This little business of a silly fraud
Ham III.iii.3[Claudius to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern] I your commission will forthwith dispatch
KL II.i.57[Gloucester to attendants, of catching Edgar] dispatch
MM III.i.266[disguised Duke to Isabella] dispatch with Angelo
MM IV.iii.76[disguised Duke to Provost] Dispatch it presently
MM IV.iii.90[disguised Duke to Provost] Quick, dispatch
MV III.ii.322[Portia to Bassanio] dispatch all business and be gone
MW IV.ii.104[Mistress Ford to John and Robert] Quickly, dispatch
MW V.iii.3[Mistress Page to Caius, of Anne] away with her to the deanery, and dispatch it quickly
MW V.v.176[Page to Slender] Have you dispatched?
Oth I.iii.147[Othello to all, of Desdemona's house affairs] Which ever as she could with haste dispatch / She'd come again
Oth IV.iii.32[Desdemona to Emilia] prithee, dispatch
R3 I.iii.340[Richard to Murderers, of Clarence's murder] Are you now going to dispatch this thing?
R3 I.iv.274[Second Murderer to himself, of Clarence's murder] A bloody deed, and desperately dispatched! [F; Q performed]
R3 IV.ii.81[Tyrrel to King Richard, of killing the Princes] I will dispatch it straight
TS induction.1.127[Lord to Servingman, of the plan] See this dispatched with all the haste thou canst