aught (n.) Old form(s): ought
anything, [with negative word] nothing
1H6 I.iv.68[Talbot to all] For aught I see, this city must be famished
1H6 I.v.37[Talbot alone] Pucelle is entered into Orleans / In spite of us or aught that we could do
1H6 II.iii.46[Talbot to Countess] you have aught but Talbot's shadow / Whereon to practise your severity
1H6 III.i.4[Winchester to Gloucester] if thou canst accuse / Or aught intendest to lay unto my charge
2H6 IV.vii.64[Say to Cade] When have I aught exacted at your hands
AC I.v.10[Cleopatra to Mardian] I take no pleasure / In aught an eunuch has
AW V.iii.278[Diana to King, of a ring and Helena] It might be yours or hers for aught I know
CE II.ii.186[Adriana to Antipholus of Syracuse] If aught possess thee from me, it is dross
CE II.ii.209[Luciana to Dromio of Syracuse] If thou art changed to aught, 'tis to an ass
Cor I.i.274.1[Brutus to Sicinius] To Martius shall be honours, though indeed / In aught he merit not
Cor II.iii.196[Sicinius to Brutus, of Martius] his surly nature, / Which easily endures not article / Tying him to aught
Cor IV.i.52[Coriolanus to all] Hear from me still, and never of me aught / But what is like me formerly
Cym V.iv.35[Page as Sly's wife to Sly] Being all this time abandoned from your bed
H8 I.ii.146.1[King Henry to Surveyor, of Buckingham] To this point hast thou heard him / At any time speak aught?
H8 I.ii.41[Wolsey to King Henry] I know but of a single part in aught / Pertains to th'state
H8 II.iv.39[Queen Katherine to King Henry] If ... you can report, / And prove it too, against mine honour aught
Ham I.v.179[Hamlet to Horatio and Marcellus] That you know aught of me
Ham I.v.86[Ghost to Hamlet] Taint not thy mind, nor let thy soul contrive / Against thy mother aught
Ham II.ii.17[Claudius to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, of Hamlet] Whether aught to us unknown afflicts him thus
Ham III.i.96[Hamlet to Ophelia] I never gave you aught
Ham III.ii.178[Second Player as Queen to her King] And women's fear and love hold quantity, / In neither aught, or in extremity [i.e.or both are maximally present]
Ham III.ii.98[Horatio to Hamlet, of Claudius] If'a steal aught the whilst this play is playing, / And 'scape detecting, I will pay the theft
Ham IV.iii.60[Claudius alone] England, if my love thou holdest at aught
Ham IV.iv.5[Fortinbras to Captain] If that his majesty would aught with us, / We shall express our duty in his eye
Ham V.ii.217[Hamlet to Horatio] Since no man knows of aught he leaves, what is't to leave betimes?
Ham V.ii.357[Horatio to Fortinbras] What is it you would see? If aught of woe or wonder, cease your search
JC I.ii.85[Brutus to Cassius, of what the latter wants to say to him] If it be aught toward the general good
JC IV.iii.183[Brutus to Messala, of letters bringing news of Portia] Hear you aught of her in yours?
KJ II.i.511[Blanche to Lewis, of King John] If he see aught in you that makes him like
KJ V.i.43[Bastard to King John, of Hubert believing Arthur was alive] So, on my soul, he did, for aught he knew
KL I.i.198[Lear to Burgundy, of Cordelia] If aught within that little-seeming substance ... may fitly like your grace, / She's there and she is yours
KL[disguised Edgar to Gentleman] Do you hear aught, sir, of a battle toward?
KL[disguised Edgar to Gloucester] Hadst thou been aught but gossamer, feathers, air ... / Thou'dst shivered like an egg
KL V.i.2[Edmund to a gentleman] Know of the Duke if his last purpose hold / Or whether since he is advised by aught / To change the course
LLL IV.iii.330[Berowne to all] none at all in aught proves excellent
LLL V.ii.788[Princess to King] You will do aught, this shall you do for me
Luc.5546[of a rough beast] that knows no gentle right, / Nor aught obeys but his foul appetite
MA V.i.270[Leonato to Claudio] if your love / Can labour aught in sad invention
Mac I.iii.41[Macbeth to Witches] are you aught / That man may question?
MND I.i.132[Lysander to Hermia] For aught that I could ever read ... / The course of true love never did run smooth
MND III.ii.76[Demetrius to Hermia] I am not guilty of Lysander's blood. / Nor is he dead, for aught that I can tell
MV I.ii.5[Nerissa to Portia] for aught I see, they are as sick that surfeit with too much as they that starve with nothing
MV II.ii.111[Bassanio to Gobbo] Wouldst thou aught with me?
MV II.vii.21[Morocco to himself] I'll then nor give nor hazard aught for lead
MV III.ii.105[Bassanio to himself, of the lead casket] Which rather threaten'st than dost promise aught,
MV V.i.183[Gratiano to Portia] neither man nor master would take aught / But the two rings
Oth I.iii.53[Brabantio to Duke] Neither my place, nor aught I heard of business, / Hath raised me from my bed
Oth II.i.89[Cassio to Desdemona, of Othello] He is not yet arrived; nor know I aught / But that he's well
Oth II.iii.194[Montano to Othello] nor know I aught / By me that's said or done amiss this night
Oth III.iii.101[Othello to Iago, of Cassio's actions] Discern'st thou aught in that?
Oth V.ii.339[Othello to all] Speak of me as I am: nothing extenuate, / Nor set down aught in malice
Per Chorus.II.36[Gower, of Pericles] Ne aught escapend but himself
Per II.v.79[Simonides to himself, of Pericles] who, for aught I know ... / As great in blood as I myself
Per V.i.12[Sailor of Mytilene to Lysimachus, of Helicanus] This is the man that can in aught you would / Resolve you
Per V.i.72[Lysimachus to Marina, of Pericles] If that thy prosperous and artificial feat / Can draw him but to answer thee in aught
R2 II.iii.73[Bolingbroke to Berkeley] Before I make reply to aught you say
R2 V.i.35[Richard to Queen Isabel, of himself] A king of beasts indeed! If aught but beasts / I had been still a happy king of men
R2 V.ii.53[Aumerle to York, of whether pageants are to take place] For aught I know, my lord, they do
R3 I.ii.100[Anne to and of Richard] That never dream'st on aught but butcheries
R3 II.i.58[Richard to all] If I ... / Have aught committed that is hardly borne / By any in this presence
R3 III.i.166[Catesby to Buckingham, of Hastings] He for his father's sake so loves the Prince / That he will not be won to aught against him
RJ II.iii.15[Friar Laurence alone] For naught so vile that on the earth doth live / But to the earth some special good doth give; / Nor aught so good but, strained from that fair use, / Revolts from true birth
RJ V.iii.266[Friar Laurence to Prince, of the events] if aught in this / Miscarried by my fault
Sonn.125.1[] Were't aught to me I bore the canopy
Sonn.38.5[] Oh give thyself the thanks if aught in me / Worthy perusal stand against thy sight
TC II.ii.53[Troilus to Hector] What's aught but as 'tis valued?
TC III.iii.118[Ulysses to Achilles, of a man's good qualities] Nor doth he of himself know them for aught / Till he behold them formed in th'applause / Where they're extended
TC III.iii.57[Agamemnon to Achilles] What says Achilles? Would he aught with us?
Tem I.ii.51[Prospero to Miranda] If thou rememb'rest aught ere thou cam'st here
TG III.ii.47[Proteus to Duke, of slandering Valentine] if I can do it / By aught that I can speak in his dispraise
TG V.iv.20[Proteus to Silvia] Though you respect not aught your servant doth
Tit II.i.28[Demetrius to Chiron] thy wit wants edge / And manners to intrude where I am graced, / And may, for aught thou knowest, affected be
Tit V.iii.128[Marcus to all] Have we done aught amiss, show us wherein
TN V.i.106[Olivia to Orsino, of his renewing his suit] If it be aught to the old tune, my lord, / It is as fat and fulsome to mine ear / As howling after music
TNK[Arcite to Palamon] Is there aught else to say?
TNK V.i.20[Palamon to Arcite] were there aught in me which strove to show / Mine enemy in this business
TS I.ii.32[Grumio to Hortensio] for aught I see
WT I.ii.395[Polixenes to Camillo] If you know aught which does behove my knowledge