yesternight (n.) Old form(s): yester-night
last night
1H4 I.i.36[Westmorland to King Henry, of the expedition] this haste was hot in question / And many limits of the charge set down / But yesternight
1H4 II.i.55[Chamberlain to Gadshill] It holds current that I told you yesternight
Ham I.ii.189[Horatio to Hamlet, of King Hamlet] I think I saw him yesternight
JC II.i.238[Portia to Brutus] yesternight at supper / You suddenly arose and walked about
MA IV.i.180[Hero to Leonato] Prove you ... that I yesternight / Maintained the change of words with any creature
MA IV.i.81[Claudio to Hero] What man was he talked with you yesternight
MM V.i.134[Lucio to Duke, of Isabella and Friar Lodowick] But yesternight ... I saw them at the prison
R3[Scrivener alone, of Hastings' indictment] yesternight by Catesby was it sent me
RJ V.iii.251[Friar to Prince, of Friar John] he ... yesternight / Returned my letter back
TC I.i.34[Pandarus to Troilus, of Cressida] she looked yesternight fairer than ever / I saw her look
Tit IV.ii.152[Aaron to Demetrius and Chiron, of Muly] His wife but yesternight was brought to bed