wits, also five wits Old form(s): fiue , wittes
faculties of the mind (common wit, imagination, fantasy, estimation, memory) or body (the five senses)
1H6 V.iii.195[Suffolk alone, as if to himself] when thou comest to kneel at Henry's feet, / Thou mayst bereave him of his wits with wonder
2H6 I.i.81[Gloucester to all] did my brother Bedford toil his wits / To keep by policy what Henry got?
KL I.iv.165[Fool singing] wise men are grown foppish / And know not how their wits to wear
KL III.ii.67.2[Lear to Fool] My wits begin to turn
KL III.iv.155.1[disguised Kent to Gloucester] His wits begin t'unsettle
KL III.iv.55[Edgar as Poor Tom to Lear] Bless thy five wits!
KL III.vi.4[disguised Kent to Gloucester, of lear] All the power of his wits have given way to his impatience
KL III.vi.56[Edgar as Poor Tom to Lear] Bless thy five wits!
KL III.vi.85[disguised Kent to Gloucester, of Lear] trouble him not; his wits are gone
KL IV.i.56[Edgar as Poor Tom to Gloucester, of himself] Tom hath been scared out of his good wits
KL IV.vii.41[Cordelia to sleeping Lear] 'Tis wonder that thy life and wits at once / Had not concluded all
LC.161For when we rage, advice is often seen / By blunting us to make our wits more keen
LLL I.i.27[Dumaine to all] dainty bits / Make rich the ribs but bankrupt quite the wits
LLL II.i.54[Princess to all, of Longaville] Such short-lived wits do wither as they grow [or: wit, sense 6]
LLL V.ii.264[King to ladies] Farewell, mad wenches. You have simple wits
LLL V.ii.268[Rosaline to all, of the lords] Well-liking wits they have; gross, gross; fat, fat
LLL V.ii.64[Rosaline to Princess, of Berowne] I would make him ... spend his prodigal wits in bootless rhymes
LLL V.ii.85[Boyet to ladies] Muster your wits
Luc.1816[of Brutus] armed his long-hid wits advisedly
Luc.290[of Lucrece and Tarquin] That eye which looks on her confounds his wits
Luc.859[of an old man] useless barns the harvest of his wits
MA I.i.61[Beatrice to Leonato, of Benedick] four of his five wits went halting off, and now is the whole man governed with one
MA III.v.10[Dogberry to Leonato, of Verges] his wits are not so blunt as ... I would desire they were
MM V.i.33[Angelo to Duke, of Isabella] her wits, I fear me, are not firm
Oth I.i.93.2[Brabantio to Roderigo] What, have you lost your wits?
Oth I.iii.352[Iago to Roderigo] not too hard for my wits
Oth IV.i.271[Lodovico to Iago, of Othello] Are his wits safe?
R3 I.ii.115[Richard to Anne] leave this keen encounter of our wits
RJ I.iv.47[Mercutio to Romeo] Take our good meaning, for our judgement sits / Five times in that ere once in our five wits
RJ II.iv.66[Mercutio to Benvolio] My wits faint.
RJ II.iv.72[Mercutio to Romeo] thou hast more of the wild goose in one of thy wits than ... I have in my whole five
RJ IV.i.47[Friar Laurence to Juliet, of her grief] It strains me past the compass of my wits
Sonn.141.9[] But my five wits, not my five senses can / Dissuade one foolish heart from serving thee
TG I.i.44[Proteus to Valentine] eating love / Inhabits in the finest wits of all
Tim IV.iii.89[Alcibiades to Timandra, of Timon] Pardon him, sweet Timandra, for his wits / Are drowned and lost in his calamities
Tit IV.iv.10[Saturninus to all, of Titus] what and if / His sorrows have so overwhelmed his wits?
TN III.iv.13[Maria to Olivia, of Malvolio] the man is tainted in's wits
TN IV.ii.58[Feste as Sir Topas to Malvolio] Thou shalt hold the opinion of Pythagoras ere I will allow of thy wits
TN IV.ii.86[Feste to Malvolio] how fell you besides your five wits?
TN V.i.294[Olivia to feste, of not reading a letter as a madman] Prithee, read i'thy right wits
TNK I.i.118[Third Queen to Emilia] Extremity that sharpens sundry wits / Makes me a fool
TS I.i.176[Tranio to Lucentio] If you love the maid, / Bend thoughts and wits to achieve her
Ven.249[] Being mad before, how doth she now for wits?

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