wonder (v.) Old form(s): wonder'd, wondred , wondring
marvel [at], be astonished [at]
3H6 V.vi.74[Richard alone, of his being born with teeth] The midwife wondered
MA I.iii.10[Don John to Conrade] I wonder that thou ... goest about to apply a moral medicine to a mortifying mischief
MA III.ii.100[Don John to Claudio] Wonder not till further warrant
MA III.iii.113[Conrade to Borachio, of the rewards of villainy] I wonder at it
MV III.iii.8[Shylock to Gaoler, of Antonio] I do wonder ... that thou art so fond / To come abroad with him at his request
Sonn.123.10[of Time] Thy registers and thee I both defy, / Not wond'ring at the present nor the past
TG V.iv.170[Valentine to Duke] you will wonder what hath fortuned
TN III.iv.149[Sir Toby reading Sir Andrew's letter calling Viola as Cesario 'scurvy'] Wonder not, nor admire not in thy mind, why I do call thee so
TN V.i.356[Fabian to Olivia] let no quarrel ... / Taint the condition of this present hour, / Which I have wondered at
Ven.748[Venus to Adonis] favour, savour, hue and qualities, / Whereat th'impartial gazer late did wonder