work (v.), past form wrought Old form(s): worke
bring about, arrange, effect
2H4 IV.iv.119[Clarence to Warwick, of King Henry IV] Th'incessant care and labour of his mind / Hath wrought the mure that should confine it in / So thin that life looks through and will break out
2H6 I.iii.65[Suffolk to Queen] so will I / In England work your grace's full content
Cor II.iii.245[Sicinius to Citizens, of Coriolanus] One thus descended, / That hath ... wrought / To be set high in place
Cym V.v.55[Cornelius to Cymbeline, of the Queen's aim] to work / Her son into th'adoption of the crown
KL IV.vii.96[Kent alone] My point and period will be throughly wrought ... as this day's battle's fought
R2 IV.i.4[Bolingbroke to Bagot, of Gloucester's death] Who wrought it with the King
RJ III.v.144[Capulet to Lady Capulet, of Paris and Juliet] we have wrought / So worthy a gentleman to be her bride
RJ V.iii.245[Friar to Prince, of his potion's effect on Juliet] it wrought on her / The form of death
Tem I.i.22[Boatswain to Gonzalo] If you can ... work the peace of the present [i.e. make the present time peaceful]