warrant (n.)
licence, sanction, authorization
Cor III.i.274.1[Menenius to Sicinius] Do not cry havoc, where you should but hunt / With modest warrant
E3 IV.v.66[Salisbury to Charles] I have your pass / And warrant for my safety through this land
H8 III.ii.244[Wolsey to all] Follow your envious courses ... / You have Christian warrant for 'em
KJ V.ii.123[Bastard to Cardinal Pandulph] as you answer, I do know the scope / And warrant limited unto my tongue
Mac II.iii.142[Malcolm to Donalbain] There's warrant in that theft / Which steals itself when there's no mercy left
MW IV.ii.195[Mistress Ford to Mistress Page, of Falstaff] May we, with the warrant of womanhood ... pursue him
Per IV.ii.123[Bawd to Boult] your bride goes to that with shame which is her way to go with warrant [i.e. even lawful brides are shy at first]
R3 I.iii.341[First Murderer to Richard] We ... come to have the warrant
R3 I.iv.111[Second Murderer to First Murderer, of Clarence] Not [afraid] to kill him, having a warrant, but to be damned for killing him
R3 III.vii.33[Buckingham to Richard, of the Lord Mayor] [he] nothing spoke in warrant from himself [i.e. on his own authority]
TG II.iv.100[Silvia to Valentine, of Proteus] His worth is warrant for his welcome
TG III.ii.60[Duke to Proteus] Upon this warrant shall you have access / Where you with Silvia may confer
Tit V.iii.43[Titus to Saturninus, of the story of Virginius] A pattern, precedent, and lively warrant / For me, most wretched, to perform the like