warrant (n.)
assurance, pledge, guarantee
1H6 V.iii.143[Reignier to Suffolk] Upon thy princely warrant I descend
2H4 I.iii.40[Lord Bardolph to Hastings, of buds] which to prove fruit / Hope gives not so much warrant, as despair / That frost will bite them
CE I.i.69[Egeon to Duke, of the light] Did but convey unto our fearful minds / A doubtful warrant of immediate death
Cym I.v.56[Frenchman to Iachimo] upon warrant of bloody affirmation
E3 II.i.331[Warwick to King Edward] any perjured villain, / That breaks the sacred warrant of an oath
E3 IV.i.39[Salisbury to Villiers] that shall be sufficient warrant for me
KL III.i.18[disguised Kent to Gentleman] I ... dare upon the warrant of my note / Commend a dear thing to you [i.e. justified by what I have seen in you]
Oth III.iii.20[Desdemona to Cassio] I give thee warrant of thy place
R2 IV.i.234[Richard to Northumberland] cracking the strong warrant of an oath
Tem III.iii.50.1[Gonzalo to Alonso] Each putter-out of five for one will bring us / Good warrant of