wot (v.) Old form(s): wote, wot'st
learn, know, be told
1H6 IV.vi.32[Talbot to John Talbot] too much folly is it, well I wot, / To hazard all our lives in one small boat
1H6 IV.vii.55[Lucy to Dauphin, of the word ‘submission’] We English warriors wot not what it means
3H6 II.ii.134[Richard to Prince] well I wot, thou hast thy mother's tongue
3H6 IV.vii.82[Edward to all] well I wot that Henry is no soldier
3H6 V.iv.71[Edward to all, of the enemy as trees awaiting burning] For well I wot ye blaze to burn them out
AC I.v.22[Cleopatra as if to Antony's horse] Do bravely, horse, for wot'st thou whom thou mov'st?
CE V.i.148[Adriana to Duke, of Antipholus of Ephesus] I wot not by what strong escape, / He broke from those that had the guard of him
E3 III.iii.76[King Edward to King John] Yet wot how I regard thy worthless taunts
H8 III.ii.122[King Henry to all, of looking in Wolsey's papers] and wot you what I found
Ham II.ii.415[Hamlet to Polonius] As by lot, God wot
LLL I.i.91[Berowne to King] These earthly godfathers of heaven's lights, / That give a name to every fixed star, / Have no more profit of their shining nights / Than those that walk and wot not what they are
Luc.1345[] silly groom, God wot, it was defect / Of spirit, life, and bold audacity
MM II.i.107[Pompey to Froth] such a one and such a one were past cure of the thing you wot of
MND III.ii.422[Demetrius to Lysander] well I wot / Thou runnest before me
MND IV.i.163[Demetrius to Theseus] But, my good lord--I wot not by what power
MW II.ii.84[Mistress Quickly to Falstaff, of Mistress Ford] come and see the picture, she says, that you wot of.
PP.17.6[] All my lady's love is lost, God wot
R2 II.i.250[Willoughby to Ross and Northumberland] daily new exactions are devised, / As blanks, benevolences, and I wot not what
R2 II.ii.40[Queen Isabel to Bushy] But what it is that is not yet known what, / I cannot name; 'tis nameless woe, I wot
R2 II.iii.59[Bolingbroke to Ross and Willougby] I wot your love pursues / A banished traitor
R2 V.vi.18[King Henry to Fitzwater] Right noble is thy merit, well I wot
R3 II.iii.18[Third Citizen to First Citizen, of how the state stood before] Stood the state so? No, no, good friends, God wot!
R3 III.ii.89[Hastings to Derby] Wot you what, my lord? / Today the lords you talk of are beheaded
RJ III.ii.139[Nurse to Juliet] I'll find Romeo / To comfort you. I wot well where he is
TG IV.iv.26[Launce alone, quoting himself] 'twas I did the thing you wot of
Tit II.i.48[Aaron to Chiron and Demetrius, of their quarrel] Full well I wot the ground of all this grudge
Tit II.i.86[Demetrius to Aaron] more water glideth by the mill / Than wots the miller of
Tit III.i.139[Titus to Marcus] well I wot / Thy napkin cannot drink a tear of mine
Tit V.ii.87[Titus to disguised Tamora] For well I wot the Empress never wags / But in her company there is a Moor
TNK I.iii.79[Emilia to Hippolyta, of a rehearsal] Which every innocent wots well comes in / Like old emportment's bastard
WT III.ii.75[Hermione to Leontes, of Camillo] why he left your court the gods themselves, / Wotting no more than I, are ignorant

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