will (n.)
lust, sexual desire, passion
AC III.xiii.3[Enobarbus to Cleopatra, of Antony] that would make his will / Lord of his reason
AW III.vii.27[Helena to Widow, of Bertram giving up his ring] To buy his will it would not seem too dear
AW IV.iii.15[Second Lord to First Lord, of Bertram and Diana] this night he fleshes his will in the spoil of her honour
Cym I.vii.47.2[Iachimo to Innogen] The cloyed will ... / Longs after for the garbage
Ham III.iv.89.1[Hamlet to Gertrude] reason panders will
KL IV.vi.270[disguised Edgar to all, of Gonerill] O indistinguished space of woman's will!
Luc.417[of Tarquin looking at Lucrece] in his will his wilful eye he tired
Luc.486[Tarquin to Lucrece] thou with patience must my will abide
Luc.495[Tarquin to Lucrece] Will is deaf, and hears no heedful friends
Luc.614[Lucrece to Tarquin] for fear of this, thy will remove; / For princes are ... the book, / Where subjects' eyes do learn
Luc.700[of Tarquin] His taste delicious, in digestion souring, / Devours his will that lived by foul devouring
Mac IV.iii.65[Malcolm to Macduff] my desire / All continent impediments would o'erbear / That did oppose my will
MM II.iv.164[Angelo to Isabella] By yielding up thy body to my will
Oth III.iii.230[Iago to Othello, of Desdemona] One may smell in such a will most rank, / Foul disproportion
Oth III.iii.234[Iago to Othello, of Desdemona] Her will ... / May fall to match you with her country forms
RJ II.iii.24[Friar alone] Two such opposed kings encamp them still / In man as well as herbs - grace and rude will
TC II.ii.66[Troilus to Hector, of his eyes and ears] Two traded pilots 'twixt the dangerous shores / Of will and judgement [also: sense 2, 3]

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