virtue (n.) Old form(s): vertue, vertues
power, capability, efficacy, property
AYL V.iv.100[Touchstone to Jaques] Your 'If' is the only peace-maker; much virtue in 'If'
Cym[Queen to Cornelius, of his drugs] Their several virtues, and effects
E3 IV.v.74[Charles to King John] I hope your highness will not so disgrace me / And dash the virtue of my seal at arms
Ham IV.v.157[Laertes to all] Burn out the sense and virtue of mine eye
KJ V.vii.44[Prince Henry to King John] O that there were some virtue in my tears / That might relieve you!
KL IV.iv.16[Cordelia as if to the earth] All you unpublished virtues
LLL V.ii.348[King to Princess] The virtue of your eye must break my oath
Mac IV.iii.156[Malcolm to Macduff, of the English king] With this strange virtue / He hath a heavenly gift of prophecy
MV V.i.199[Portia to Bassanio] If you had known the virtue of the ring
RJ II.iii.9[Friar alone, of plants] Many for many virtues excellent