assurance (n.)
confirmation, pledge, guarantee
3H6 IV.i.140[Edward to Hastings and Montague] Give me assurance with some friendly vow
Ham III.iv.63[Hamlet to Gertrude] give the world assurance of a man
TN I.v.173[Viola as Cesario to Olivia] give me modest assurance if you be the lady of the house
TN IV.iii.26[Olivia to Sebastian] Plight me the full assurance of your faith
TS II.i.380[Baptista to Tranio as Lucentio, of Vincentio and Bianca] let your father make her the assurance
TS III.ii.133[Tranio to Lucentio, of a man to stand as Vincentio] he shall ... make assurance here in Padua
TS IV.ii.118[Tranio as Lucentio to Pedant, of waiting for Vincentio] To pass assurance of a dower in marriage
TS IV.iv.49[Tranio as Lucentio to Baptista, of the marriage arrangements] and such assurance ta'en / As shall with either part's agreement stand
TS IV.iv.89[Biondello to Lucentio, of the others] they are busied about a counterfeit assurance