use (v.) Old form(s): vs'd , vse , vsed, vses
treat, deal with, manage
2H4 V.i.26[Shallow to Davy, of Falstaff] I will use him well
2H6 II.iv.95[Stanley to Duchess, of her destination] to the Isle of Man, / There to be used according to your state
3H6[Edward to Richard, of someone groaning] If friend or foe, let him be gently used
3H6 IV.iii.37[Warwick to Edward] How should you govern any kingdom, / That know not how to use ambassadors
3H6 IV.iii.39[Warwick to Edward] [you] know not ... how to use your brothers brotherly
AW I.ii.42[King to Bertram, of Bertram's father] Who were below him / He used as creatures of another place [i.e. as though they were not beneath him]
Cor I.ix.82[Coriolanus to Cominius, of his host] he used me kindly
Cor V.ii.50[Menenius to First Watch, of Coriolanus] he would use me with estimation
Cym III.iii.8[Belarius as if to heaven] We ... use thee not so hardly / As prouder livers do
H5 III.ii.123[Fluellen to Macmorris] you do not use me with that affability as in discretion you ought to use me
H8 I.ii.207[Surveyor to King Henry, of Buckingham] were he evil used [i.e. treated badly]
H8 IV.ii.168[Katherine to Patience] When I am dead ... / Let me be used with honour
Ham III.ii.5[Hamlet to Players] use all gently
Ham V.i.285[Hamlet to Laertes] What is the reason that you use me thus?
JC V.v.76[Octavius to all, of Brutus] According to his virtue let us use him
KL I.v.14[Fool to Lear] thy other daughter will use thee kindly
KL II.ii.10[Oswald to disguised Kent] Why dost thou use me thus?
KL II.ii.135.1[disguised Kent to Regan] You should not use me so
KL V.iii.44[Albany to Edmund, of the captives] to use them / As we shall find their merits and our safety / May equally determine
MW III.iii.37[Mistress Ford to Mistress Page, of Falstaff] We'll use this unwholesome humidity
MW IV.iv.24[Mistress Ford to all, of Falstaff] Devise but how you'll use him when he comes
RJ III.i.78[Mercutio to Tybalt] as you shall use me hereafter
TC IV.iv.120[Troilus to Diomedes] thou dost not use me courteously
TG IV.iv.199[disguised Julia alone, of Proteus] I'll use thee kindly
Tit I.i.263[Titus to Tamora, of being Saturninus' prisoner] To him that for your honour and your state / Will use you nobly
Tit V.i.39[Second Goth to Lucius, of Aaron] I ... brought him hither / To use as you think needful of the man
TN II.v.26[Malvolio to himself, of Olivia] She uses me with a more exalted respect
TN III.iv.154[Sir Toby reading Sir Andrew's letter to Viola as Cesario, of Olivia] in my sight she uses thee kindly
TNK I.iv.28.2[Theseus to all, of Palamon and Arcite] Then like men use 'em
TNK II.iv.44[Emilia to Arcite] somewhat better than your rank I'll use you
TNK II.v.29[Gaoler's Daughter alone, of Palamon] Let him do / What he will with me, so he use me kindly [with a bawdy pun in the next line]
TS I.i.65[Katherina to Hortensio, of herself] her care should be / To ... use you like a fool
TS I.ii.31[Grumio to Hortensio, of Petruchio hitting him] was it fit for a servant to use his master so