unwholesome (adj.) Old form(s): vnholdsome , Vnholsome , vnwholesome , vnwholsome
harmful, damaging, noxious
Cor IV.vi.132[Menenius to Citizens] You ... made the air unwholesome
H5 II.iii.54[Boy to Pistol, of horse-blood] that's but unwholesome food, they say
Luc.779[Lucrece as if to night, of mists clouding the sun] Let their exhaled unwholesome breaths make sick ... the supreme fair
Luc.870[Lucrece to herself] Unwholesome weeds take root with precious flowers
MW III.iii.37[Mistress Ford to Mistress Page, of Falstaff] We'll use this unwholesome humidity
TC II.iii.119[Agamemnon to Patroclus] like fair fruit in an unwholesome dish [i.e. a dirty dish]
Tem I.ii.322[Caliban to Prospero and Miranda] wicked dew ... from unwholesome fen

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