abroad (adv.)
away from home, out of the house
2H4 I.ii.94[Falstaff to Lord Chief Justice] I am glad to see your lordship abroad
3H6 V.i.96[George to Warwick] [I resolve] if thou stir abroad - / To plague thee for thy foul misleading me
H8 III.ii.83.1[Wolsey to Cromwell, of King Henry] Is he ready / To come abroad?
KL I.ii.167[Edmund to Edgar] If you do stir abroad, go armed
MV III.iii.10[Shylock to Gaoler, of Antonio] I do wonder ... that thou art so fond / To come abroad with him at his request
TC I.i.117[Troilus to Aeneas, of the battle] to the sport abroad [i.e. outside the walls]
Tim III.v.48[Alcibiades to Senators] If there be / Such valour in the bearing, what make we / Abroad? [i.e. on the battlefield]
TNK IV.i.110[Gaoler's Daughter to her uncle] I must be abroad else / To call the maids
TS I.ii.57[Petruchio to Hortensio] I ... am come abroad to see the world