abhorred (adj.) Old form(s): abhord , abhorr'd
horrifying, disgusting, abominable
Ham V.i.184[Hamlet to Horatio, of Yorick bearing him on his back] how abhorred in my imagination it is
KJ IV.ii.224[King John to Hubert] thy abhorred aspect
KL I.ii.77[Gloucester to Edmund, of Edgar] Abhorred villain!
KL V.iii.208[Edgar to Albany, of Kent] having seen me in my worst estate, / Shunned my abhorred society
Mac V.vi.20[Young Seyward to Macbeth] Thou liest, abhorred tyrant
Tem I.ii.273[Prospero to Ariel, of Sycorax] thou wast a spirit too delicate / To act her earthy and abhorred commands
Tem I.ii.351.2[Miranda to Caliban] Abhorred slave
Tim IV.iii.184[Timon alone] all th'abhorred births below crisp heaven
Tim V.i.58[Poet to Timon, of his former friends] O abhorred spirits!

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