tongue (n.) Old form(s): toong
speech, expression, language, words, voice
1H4 III.i.120[Glendower to Hotspur] I ... gave the tongue a helpful ornament
1H6 II.v.47[Richard to Mortimer, of Somerset] he used his lavish tongue / And did upbraid me with my father's death
AC I.ii.106[Antony to Messenger] mince not the general tongue
AW I.ii.41[King to Bertram, of Bertram's father] His tongue obeyed his hand [i.e. like the bell-striker follows the hand of a clock]
Cor III.ii.100[Coriolanus to all] Must I / With base tongue give to my noble heart / A lie that it must bear?
Cym II.iii.14[Cloten to musicians, of their playing to Innogen] we'll try with tongue too [bawdy pun]
E3 II.i.307[King Edward to Warwick] O, that a man might hold the heart's close book / And choke the lavish tongue
KJ[Hubert to unrecognized Bastard] Thou art my friend, that knowest my tongue so well
KL I.i.78[Cordelia to herself] I am sure my love's / More ponderous than my tongue
MA IV.i.315[Beatrice to Benedick] men are only turned into tongue
Tim I.i.178[Merchant to Timon, of praise from the Jeweller] he speaks the common tongue / Which all men speak with him [i.e. he only says what is general opinion]