try (v.) Old form(s): tride, trie , try'd
prove, ascertain, find out
1H6 I.ii.60.2[Charles to Reignier, of Pucelle] to try her skill
1H6 I.ii.89[Pucelle to Dauphin] My courage try by combat, if thou darest
1H6 I.iv.111[Talbot to all] we'll try what these dastard Frenchmen dare
3H6 III.ii.33[Edward to Richard and George, of Lady Grey] I'll try this widow's wit
AW I.iii.242[Helena to Countess] give me leave to try success
CE II.i.42[Luciana to Adriana] Well, I will marry one day, but to try
Cor II.iii.191[Sicinius to Citizens, of Coriolanus] Thus to have said, ... had touched his spirit / And tried his inclination
Cym[Queen to Cornelius, of his drugs] I will try the forces / Of these thy compounds
Cym[Queen to Cornelius, of his drugs] To try the vigour of them
Cym I.vii.173[Iachimo to Innogen, of Posthumus] Be not angry ... that I have adventured / To try your taking of a false report [i.e. to see how you would receive]
Ham II.ii.159.2[Claudius to Polonius, of the latter's opinion about Hamlet] How may we try it further?
JC III.i.292[Antony to Servant, of the conspirators] shall I try, / In my oration, how the people take / The cruel issue of these bloody men
MA I.i.240[Don Pedro to Benedick, of Benedick ever being in love] Well, as time shall try
RJ IV.ii.3[Servingman to Capulet, of hiring cooks] I'll try if they can lick their fingers
RJ IV.iii.29[Juliet alone, of the Friar] he hath still been tried a holy man
TS I.ii.17[Petruchio to Grumio, of wringing his ears] I'll try how you can sol-fa and sing it
Ven.280[of Adonis' horse] he ... leaps, / As who should say ‘Lo, thus my strength is tried’