temper (v.) Old form(s): temper'd, tempred
mould, shape, work, bring [to a particular character]
2H4 IV.iii.127[Falstaff to Bardolph, of Shallow] I have him already tempering between my finger and my thumb
H5 II.ii.118[King Henry to Scroop, of a devil] he that tempered thee bade thee stand up
LLL IV.iii.323[Berowne to King] Never durst poet touch a pen to write / Until his ink were tempered with Love's sighs
R3 I.i.65[Richard to Clarence of Queen Elizabeth and King Edward] 'tis she / That tempers him to this extremity [Q1; F tempts]
TC II.iii.251[Ulysses to Nestor] were your days / As green as Ajax', and your brain so tempered, / You should not have the eminence of him
TG III.ii.64[Duke to Proteus, of Silvia] you may temper her ... / To hate young Valentine and love my friend
Tit IV.iv.109[Tamora to Saturninus, of Titus] will I ... temper him with all the art I have