art (n.) Old form(s): Artes
knowledge, learning, scholarship, science
1H4 III.i.45[Glendower to Hotspur] bring him out that is but woman's son / Can trace me in the tedious ways of art [also: sense 6]
1H6 I.ii.73[Pucelle to Dauphin] I am by birth a shepherd's daughter, / My wit untrained in any kind of art
AC II.iii.33.2[Antony alone, of the Soothsayer] Be it art or hap, / He hath spoken true [also: sense 6]
AW II.i.118[King to Helena] labouring art can never ransom nature / From her inaidible estate
AW II.i.158[Helena to King] My art is not past power
H8 IV.ii.62[Griffith to Katherine, of Wolsey's college at Oxford] So excellent in art
JC IV.iii.192[Cassius to Brutus, of fortitude in the face of death] I have as much of this in art as you, / But yet my nature could not bear it so [i.e. philosophical theory]
LLL I.i.14[King to all, of their court] Still and contemplative in living art [also: art of living a good life]
LLL II.i.45[Maria to Princess, of Longaville] Well fitted in arts
Mac IV.iii.143[Doctor to Malcolm, of the sick people] Their malady convinces / The great assay of art [i.e. medical skill]
MM I.i.12[Duke to Escalus] Our city's institutions ... [you are] pregnant in / As art and practice hath enriched any / That we remember
MW III.i.98[Host to Caius and Evans] Boys of art, I have deceived you both
Oth I.ii.79[Brabantio to and of Othello] a practiser / Of arts inhibited [i.e. the black arts]
Per II.iii.82[Pericles to Thaisa] my name Pericles, / My education been in arts and arms
RJ IV.i.64[Juliet to Friar, of her intention to kill herself] Which the commission of thy years and art / Could to no issue of true honour bring
RJ V.iii.243[Friar to Prince] tutored by my art
TN III.i.64[Viola alone, of Feste] This is a practice / As full of labour as a wise man's art
TS I.i.2[Lucentio to Tranio] fair Padua, nursery of arts