sack (n.) Old form(s): Sacke
[type of] white wine
1H4 I.ii.3[Prince Hal to Falstaff] Thou art so fat-witted with drinking of old sack
1H4 II.iv.456[Falstaff (as Hal) to Prince Hal (as King)] If sack and sugar be a fault, God help the wicked!
2H4 I.ii.199[Falstaff to himself, of Prince Henry repenting] not in ashes and sackcloth, but in new silk and old sack
2H4 II.ii.128[Poins to Prince Henry, of Falstaff's letter] I'll steep this letter in sack and make him eat it
2H4 IV.iii.112[Falstaff alone] skill in the weapon is nothing without sack
2H4 V.iii.14[Shallow to Falstaff] I have drunk too much sack at supper
2H6 II.iii.60[First Neighbour to Horner] I drink to you in a cup of sack
MW II.ii.143[Bardolph to Falstaff, of Ford] hath sent your worship a morning's draught of sack
MW III.i.100[Host to Caius and Evans] let burnt sack be the issue
MW III.v.26[Falstaff to Bardolph] brew me a pottle of sack finely
MW III.v.3[Falstaff to Bardolph] Go fetch me a quart of sack
Tem II.ii.119[Stephano to Trinculo] I escaped upon a butt of sack
Tem III.ii.12[Stephano to Trinculo, of Caliban] My man-monster hath drowned his tongue in sack
TN II.iii.183[Sir Toby to Sir Andrew] I'll go burn some sack
TS induction.2.2[First Servingman to Sly] Will't please your lordship drink a cup of sack?