state (n.)
condition, circumstances, situation, state of affairs
2H6 III.ii.154[Warwick to King, of Christ] that dread King that took our state upon Him [i.e. our human state]
2H6 IV.ix.31[King to all] Thus stands my state, 'twixt Cade and York distressed
AC I.ii.92[Messenger to Antony, of Fulvia and Lucius] the time's state / Made friends of them
CE II.i.95[Adriana to Luciana, of her husband] he's master of my state
H8 II.iv.213[Lincoln to King Henry] The question did at first so stagger me - / Bearing a state of mighty moment in't
H8 V.i.127[King Henry to Cranmer] Know you not / How your state stands i'th' world
JC I.iii.71[Cassius to Casca] instruments of fear and warning / Unto some monstrous state
JC III.i.136[Servant to Brutus] Antony ... will follow / The fortunes and affairs of noble Brutus / Thorough the hazards of this untrod state
KL II.ii.167[disguised Kent alone, reading Cordelia's letter] find time / From this enormous state
KL II.iv.144[Regan to Lear] You should be ... led / By some discretion that discerns your state / Better than you yourself
KL V.i.68[Edmund alone] my state / Stands on me to defend
R3 IV.iv.416[King Richard to Queen Elizabeth] Urge the necessity and state of times
RJ III.iii.166[Friar to Romeo, before telling him his options] here stands all your state
Sonn.124.1[] If my dear love were but the child of state
Sonn.64.9[of sea and shore] When I have seen such interchange of state
TC I.iii.191[Nestor to all, of Ajax] rails on our state of war
TG V.iv.145[Duke to Valentine] I ... / Plead a new state in thy unrivalled merit [debated meaning]
Tim II.i.13[Senator alone, of Timon] No reason / Can sound his state in safety [i.e. and find it safe]
Tim II.ii.130[Timon to Flavius] You make me marvel wherefore ere this time / Had you not fully laid my state before me
Tim IV.iii.246[Apemantus to Timon] Best state, contentless, / Hath a distracted and most wretched being
TN V.i.61[First Officer to Orsino, of Antonio] Here in the streets, desperate of shame and state, / In private brabble did we apprehend him [i.e. regardless of the situation he was in]
TNK I.iii.14[Emilia to Pirithous] in our terrene state petitions are not / Without gifts understood
TS V.i.113[Lucentio to Vincentio and Baptista] Bianca's love / Made me exchange my state with Tranio