truth (n.)
loyalty, allegiance, faithfulness
3H6 IV.viii.29[Oxford to King] I seal my truth and bid adieu
Cor[Aufidius to Third Conspirator, of Coriolanus] I pawned / Mine honour for his truth
Cym III.ii.12[Pisanio alone] the love and truth and vows which I / Have made
Cym III.ii.7[Pisanio alone, of Innogen] She's punished for her truth
Cym V.v.107[Lucius to all] briefly die their joys / That place them on the truth of girls and boys
H8 II.iv.98[Wolsey to Queen Katherine, of King Henry] how may he wound ... my falsehood - yea, as much / As you have done my truth
KJ I.i.169[Bastard to Queen Eleanor, of being her grandson] by chance but not by truth
R2 V.ii.44[York to Duchess of York, of Aumerle] I am in Parliament pledge for his truth / And lasting fealty to the new-made King
Sonn.41.12[] thou art forced to break a twofold truth
TC IV.iv.106[Troilus to Cressida] Fear not my truth
TC V.ii.47.1[Troilus to himself, as if to Cressida] O withered truth!

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