tabor (n.) Old form(s): taber
type of small drum, especially used in revelling
Cor[Cominius to Martius] The shepherd knows not thunder from a tabor
Cor V.iv.49[Second Messenger to Sicinius] sackbuts, psalteries, and fifes, / Tabors and cymbals
LLL V.i.147[Dull to Holofernes] I will play on the tabor to the Worthies, and let them dance the hay
MA II.iii.14[Benedick alone, of Claudio] now had he rather hear the tabor and the pipe
Tem III.ii.126[stage direction] Ariel plays the tune on a tabor and pipe
Tem IV.i.175[Ariel to Prospero] Then I beat my tabor
TN III.i.2[Viola as Cesario to Feste] Dost thou live by thy tabor?
WT IV.iv.184[Servant to Shepherd] you would never dance again after a tabor and pipe

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