trick (n.) Old form(s): tricke , trickes
way, knack, skill
Cym III.iii.86[Belarius alone, of Guiderius and Arviragus] Nature prompts them / In simple and low things to prince it, much / Beyond the trick of others
H8 I.iii.40[Lovell to Lord Chamberlain and Sands, of French-influenced Englishmen] The sly whoresons / Have got a speeding trick to lay down ladies
Ham V.i.89[Hamlet to Horatio] Here's fine revolution, an we had the trick to see't [i.e. if we had the intelligence]
LLL V.ii.465[Berowne to all, of Boyet] Some carry-tale ... knows the trick / To make my lady laugh
TNK II.ii.71[First Countryman to the others, of Arcite] This fellow has a vengeance trick o'th' hip
TNK IV.i.123[Gaoler's Daughter to First Friend, of his sister and Palamon] she shall never have him ... / For a trick that I know [unclear meaning: because of something special I know about]
TNK IV.i.131[Gaoler's Daughter to First Friend, of Palamon] He has the trick on't [of begetting male children]
TS IV.ii.57[Tranio to Bianca, of Petruchio] That teacheth tricks eleven and twenty long, / To tame a shrew

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