train (n.) Old form(s): Traine, Traines, Trayne
retinue, following, entourage
1H6 III.iii.7[Pucelle to all, of Talbot as a peacock] We'll pull his plumes and take away his train
1H6 IV.i.8.1[stage direction] Exeunt Governor and his train
1H6 V.iv.100[Winchester to Richard] the Dauphin and his train / Approacheth
2H4 IV.ii.93[Prince John to Archbishop] let our trains / March by us
H5 III.iii.1.2[stage direction] Enter the King and all his train
H8 IV.i.37[Second Gentleman to First Gentleman, of the procession] A royal train
Ham V.ii.356.2[stage direction] Enter Fortinbras ... with his train of drum, colours, and attendants
JC I.ii.183[Brutus to Cassius, of everyone apart from Caesar] all the rest look like a chidden train
KL I.iv.245[Gonerill to Lear] Be then desired ... / A little to disquantity your train
KL II.iv.300[Regan to all, of Lear] He is attended with a desperate train
R3 II.ii.120[Buckingham to all] with some little train / Forthwith from Ludlow the young Prince be fet
Tem V.i.301[Prospero to Alonso] I invite your highness and your train / To my poor cell
TS induction.1.14.2[stage direction] Enter a Lord from hunting, with his train

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